You may store and protect from loss or theft whatever item(s) you wish. For example, jewels, documents, currency, precious metals, IT backups etc.

Only illegal or dangerous items are forbidden, such as weapons, munitions, explosives.

Whatever your nationality or your place of residence, you need only provide identification to rent a safe from Safes Fidelity.Customers can be a corporate entity or an individual.

You have the ability to give a Power of Attorney to allow access to your safe to a third party of your choosing. Individual rights or multiple rights of access are possible.

Up front refundable deposit on the rental: CHF 400.-
Annual fee if the keys are kept by Safe Fidelity: CHF 190.-
Up front refundable deposit if keys are kept by the Customer: CHF 800.-
Rent to be paid in advance: 1 years’ rent for Swiss residents / 2 years’ rent for non-Swiss residents

Annual rates (ex VAT) according to the size of the safety box:

Type Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Annual rent (in CHF)
A 60 250 350 210.-
A+ 75 250 350 275.-
B 100 250 350 370.-
C 200 250 350 525.-
D 300 250 350 680.-
E 600 600 350 1'900.-
F 900 600 350 4'200.-
G 1800 600 350 10'500.-
Safes Fidelity coffres